10% off Double-Tuf Beginner Poultry Kit


Double Tuf Beginning Poultry Kit at Berend Bros.10% off Double-Tuf Beginner Poultry Kit in April at Berend Bros. in Bowie and Wichita Falls, Texas.

Double-Tuf Beginner Poultry Kit contains everything you need to get your chicks started! Includes a 250W red heat lamp bulb and 10.5″ reflector lamp to provide safe heat for your chicks, plus an 8″ ground feeder, a 1.5 lb. plastic feeder and a 1.5 qt. plastic chick waterer. You’ll also get our Guide to Backyard Poultry, which includes helpful tips, information and fun facts for your new flock. The bulb is 250Watt/120V with a 6,000-hour life. The 1.5 lb. feeder holds up to 1.5 lb. of feed. Waterer has a 1.5 qt. capacity. 8″ ground feeder has 12 feeding holes (6 per side) and a covered top to keep out debris.

Beginning Poultry Kit: Sale price $26.99

  • 1.5 lb plastic poultry chick feeder
  • 1.5 qt plastic poultry chick watered
  • 8″ plastic ground feeder
  • 12 page Poultry Guide booklet

10% off valid April 1 through April 30, 2020, at Berend Bros. in Bowie and Wichita Falls. While you’re here, pick up your chicks and starter feed. We’ve got everything you need to raise happy, and healthy chicks.