Kenny’s Seasoning Savings in November

Containers of Kenny's Seasoning. Spice things up a bit with Kenny's Seasoning Savings in November. Berend Bros. Kenny's All-Purpose Seasonings come in five flavors.Save on Kenny’s Seasoning in November at Berend Bros.

Spice things up a bit with Kenny’s Seasoning Savings in November. Kenny’s Seasoning comes in five flavors! Try them all and find a new favorite.

  • Kenny’s  Original Flavor
  • Kenny’s Cajun Flavor
  • Kenny’s Texas Burn Flavor
  • Kenny’s Honey BBQ Flavor
  • Kenny’s Pearl’s Skinny Blend Flavor

Did you know Kenny’s container is 95 percent biodegradable, so this seasoning is good for you and environmentally friendly to boot! Remember, Thanksgiving is around the corner and Kenny’s would make a tasty seasoning for your turkey.

Sale prices are valid from November 1 through November 30, 2022, at specified Berend Bros. locations.