Pet & Grooming

Pet Foods and Supplies

Berend Bros. stores offer a variety of pet foods and supplies at our five locations. You’ll find food for your dogs and cats, rabbits, wild birds, exotic pets and more. Check the categories below to find out which brands we offer.

Don’t forget your pet supplies when shopping for pet food. Pet houses, leashes, collars, pet treats, bowls and more are available in our stores.

Berend Bros. Wichita Falls location offers custom grooming services. We have 2 full-time groomers available. You’ll also find a self-serve pet wash at the Wichita Falls location. *

*Our self-serve pet wash in Wichita Falls is temporarily closed. Keep an eye on Facebook and we will let you know when we reopen!


Dog Food & Supplies

Berend Bros. offers a variety of dog food and supplies at our stores. Choose from Farmstrong, Royal Canin, and PMI...

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Cat Food and Supplies

Berend Bros. offers a variety of cat food and supplies for at our stores. Choose from PMI Nutrition cat foods...

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Pet Food Frequent Purchase Program

Did you know that Berend Bros. offers a pet food Frequent Purchase Program? Our Frequent Purchase programs are free, you...

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Rabbit Food & Supplies

Are you looking for rabbit food & supplies? Do you have pet rabbits, or raise show rabbits? Berend Bros. has...

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Wild Birds/Pigeons

Nobody likes an empty bird feeder, especially your birds! Berend Bros. offers several bird feed blends for backyard wild birds....

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Exotic Animals

There’s a special breed of people who love exotic animals. Whether you work with these animals in a zoo or...

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Custom Grooming Services

Looking for custom grooming services for your pets? Berend Bros. in Wichita Falls offers grooming services on-site in our store....

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DIY Pet Wash Station

*Our DIY Pet Wash Station in Wichita Falls is temporarily closed. Keep an eye on Facebook and we will let...

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