Berend Bros. Windthorst Store & MillThe Berend Bros. legacy began in 1939, when brothers Lawrence and Paul Berend entered into business hauling hay from Pilot Point to Windthorst, TX. They also used an old store belonging to Paul’s mother-in-law to sell feed. Eventually, they purchased 10 acres where the present Windthorst store is located. A second store was opened in the neighboring town of Archer City in 1943, then a third on Bridge Street in Wichita Falls in 1946.

As the business grew the brothers entered the broiler business in 1951 and opened a processing plant in Wichita Falls. They switched from broilers to laying hens, marketing about 74 million eggs in each 65-week laying cycle. In 1960, the company added sheep to control weeds around the laying houses, but they ended up with over a thousand head and successful sheep operation.

Between 1971 and 1982, Berend Bros. opened or acquired stores in Burkburnett, on Seymour Highway in Wichita Falls, and Bowie. They also had a hog farm that grew to be one of largest in the state of Texas and a working cattle feedlot that saw about 3,000 new head of cattle each year. In 1989, Lawrence and Paul Berend retired and the second generation continued the Berend Bros. legacy. The chicken plant, hog farm, and feedlot operations were closed in 2004.

In 2014, Berend Bros. celebrated 75 years in business with stores in Windthorst, Wichita Falls, Bowie, Olney, and Megargel. The company also has feed mills in Windthorst and Megargel and fertilizer blending facilities in Windthorst and Olney. In addition to a broad line of retail feed, farm, and ranch products, the company provides bulk dairy feed, bulk fertilizer, fertilizer spreading, bulk and bagged seed, bulk cattle cubes, liquid feed, and even dog grooming.

In 2018, the company transitioned to a new generation of owners including several long-time Berend Bros. employees, one of whom is a Berend family member.

After more than 80 years, Berend Bros. continues to offer quality products and superior service to its customers.