Liquid Fertilizer

Tractor in green field. Liquid fertilizer application. Berend Bros.Liquid Fertilizer is essential to building and keeping a healthy strand of grass.  Pastures, hay meadows and lawns have a high need for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium; and without proper nutrients, they will begin to thin.  At Berend Bros. we have the right fertilizers and equipment to meet your grass production needs.

Liquid Fertilizer is available at Windthorst, Olney, and Megargel locations year-round. Berend Bros stocks 32% UAN but can get blends or starters on request (minimums do apply). 

One of the advantages of liquid fertilizer is the ability to apply weed control to the pasture at the same time as fertilizer. Our operators are fully licensed to apply the herbicide or insecticide of your choice when needed. Weed control, crop field “burn down” Berend Bros. handles your needs regardless of your operation’s size.

Too busy to apply fertilizer with your own rig? Berend Bros. has experienced operators to fill the need. For five acres or 500, let us take the burden off your liquid application needs.

Stop by our Berend Bros. locations in Wichita Falls, Bowie, Megargel, Windthorst, and Olney, Texas. We’re here to help!


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