Dog Grooming – Wichita Falls

Small dog being groomed. Berend Bros. in Wichita Falls offers dog grooming services in our store.Looking for dog grooming services in Wichita Falls? Berend Bros. Wichita Falls store offers custom dog grooming. Our caring and experienced groomers are ready to receive your pet 5 days a week.

The dog grooming center is open Monday through Friday, by appointment only. Call us today to make an appointment. You can reach us at 940-723-2736. Remember, pre-holiday appointments may book up quickly. Plan and schedule your appointments ahead of time.

The benefits of pet grooming are more than a clean, nice-looking pet! Did you know that regular grooming aids and helps with the following:

  • Cleaning and brushing does wonders for the hygiene and smell of your pet
  • Regular washing, brushing, and clipping of fur will help in ceasing the growth of fleas
  • Groomers become familiar with your pets and can notice if there are any health or skin abnormalities.
  • Groomers clean pet ears and trim their ear hair, which can reduce the chance of ear infections
  • Trimming nails reduces the risk of developing bad posture or bone deformations
  • Regular grooming means less shedding, fewer matts, and healthy, groomed coats
  • Pets look better & feel better overall

Berend Bros. dog grooming room. Berend Bros. offers dog grooming services in Wichita Falls, TexasVisit or call our Wichita Falls store and make your appointment today. You can find us at 4311 Old Jacksboro Hwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76302