Livestock Feed

Berend Bros. offers livestock feeds in West Texas

Berend Bros. offers a variety of livestock feed in North Texas. You’ll find a selection of feeds for beef cattle, dairy cattle, and horses. We also provide livestock feed for goats & sheep, pigs, and chickens; and a full line of show feeds for your projects. Our stores offer a selection of quality hay & shavings for your animals.

Berend Bros. stores have a variety of feeds from several manufacturers including Purina Animal Nutrition, Westway Feeds, Lindner Show Feed, and Purina Honor Show Chow

In addition to these fine vendors, Berend Bros. also manufactures its own feeds in two separate mills for beef cattle, sheep, and goats.

Come shop any of our five store locations. Find out more about the livestock products we offer below.

Beef Cattle

Berend Bros. offers a wide variety of feed and supplement products for your beef cattle and cattle operations. We stock...

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Dairy Cattle

Berend Bros. has you covered with complete rations and concentrates for your dairy cattle to maximize the production of your...

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Horse Feeds

Horse Feeds & Supplies, Hay, Bedding & Supplements! Everything for you and your horse! Berend Bros. carries the top brands...

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Pig Feeds

Shop Berend Bros. for your pig feeds. You'll find a full line of show feeds for your projects from Lindner...

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Goat and Sheep Feed

The best feed for your goats and sheep depends on several factors, such as breed, age, and if pregnant or...

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Chicken Feeds and Supplies

From starter feeds to layer feeds, Berend Bros, has you covered with chicken feeds and supplies. You'll find a selection...

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Hay is a vital part of many animals' nutrition. Depending on the animal, hay can make up 50 percent or...

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Custom Feed Mixes

Bags, totes, or bulk, Berend Bros. has the right fit when it comes to your custom feed mix requirements. Our...

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