Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle feed options at Berend Bros.Berend Bros. offers a wide variety of feed and supplement products for your beef cattle and cattle operations. We stock a full line of Purina Cattle products including Purina Range Cubes, Purina Range Liquid Feed, Purina Minerals, and Purina Accuration blends.

Purina Range Liquid Feed is a protein supplement for beef cattle and stocker calves when forage is plentiful but additional protein and nutrients are necessary.

Purina Range Tubs (Protein and Mineral) are an ideal pasture supplementation for beef cattle when additional protein and mineral needs are required. Purina Minerals are a great economical choice for beef cattle mineral supplementation.

Purina Accuration Blends use Purina’s time-proven Accuration Concentrate.  We also can custom blend rations from 10-50% in our Windthorst mill. For predictable gains to your spring production sale of bulls or replacement heifers, look no further!

You’ll also find Westway tubs, an all-natural protein supplementation source for grazing animals at an economical price.

Berend Bros. Starter and Grower Rations are manufactured locally in our 2 mills. We have the capability to custom manufacture starter/grower rations from 10-18% protein in our feed mills.