T&S Trip Hopper Feeders

Trip Hopper FeedersBerend Bros. offers T&S Trip Hopper feeders for bulk feeding. Save on your feed costs by feeding bulk cubes with a Trip Hopper. Know exactly how much you are feeding your herd.

Trip Hoppers can be mounted on your truck bed with an on/off switch installed to make it easier for you to put out feed in your pasture. Capacities range from 300 lbs. to 3000 lbs. and Truck, Trailer, and Jr. models available.

New! We now offer optional wireless on/off activation. Wireless makes installation easier and can facilitate moving a feeder between trucks. Traditional wired installation is also available.

The following models are available:


ModelCapacityTypeSize (W x L x H)
J-300 (Jr.)300 lbs.Truck (Jr.) 24” x 30” x 30”
P-826 750 lbs.Truck 24” x 72” x 40”
P-826A1000 lbs. Truck 24” x 72” x 46”
P-826B1250 lbs.Truck 24” x 72” x 52”
P-836 1500 lbs.Truck 36” x 72” x 46”
P-842 2000 lbs.Truck 42” x 72” x 52”
T-856 3000 lbs.Trailer (Ground Drive)60” x 72” x 84”
T-856EL3000 lbs.Trailer (Electric Drive)60” x 72” x 84”

Truck model feeders may be mounted in the back of a pickup, or they can be mounted across a flatbed. These feeders will feed in piles at 10 ft. intervals or in a steady trail of feed. You can set the feeder to dump from 2 to 8 lbs. per pile. These feeders are capable of handling cubes, any size, ground feed, or any combination thereof.

  • Feed cubes are loaded into the top forward bin with a storage capacity of up to 2000 lbs. (3000 lbs. of ¾ inch cubes for trailer models).
  • The Trip Hopper is remote-controlled from the cab of your truck dropping cubes in piles.
  • Use the noise from the trailer and the Trip Hopper to condition your cattle to run to the trailer rather than hightailing it to the roughest part of the pasture.

If a truck mount Trip Hopper feeder fills your need, we install by appointment! 

Come talk to us about T&S Trip Hopper feeders.