Dry Fertilizer

Green Tractor being loaded with Dry Fertilizer.  Berend Bros. Windthorst, and Olney, TexasBerend Bros. specializes in custom dry fertilizer blends from our facilities in Windthorst and Olney  We recommend starting with a soil sample. Bring your soil test results in, or have us test it. Soil testing is a critical component to your home or commercial operation whether you are growing tomatoes in your backyard or thousands of acres of wheat, hay or another crop. When farmers have access to custom blended granular fertilizer, they can fine-tune their crop fertility program and potentially improve crop production. 

In addition to recommending nutrient additives, a good soil test can identify problems such as pH balance and micronutrient imbalances. Berend Bros. will use your soil test results to formulate and advise the best fertilizer blend for your crop. 

Have a large operation that needs fertilizing? Berend Bros. can help. Our fleet of fertilizer application trucks can take care of the largest jobs. Call us to discuss the details. 

We also offer buggy rental so you can apply dry fertilizer yourself. Call for pricing and availability. Or visit our Berend Bros. locations in Windthorst, and Olney, Texas.


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