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Purina AntlerMax deer feed bags. Deer feed and supplements available at Berend Bros.Berend Bros. stocks the top-of-the-line deer feed from Purina, Bryant Grain, Double Down, and Golden Oak Horns Plus. We offer supplemental nutrition that benefits your high fence operation or open country deer feeding needs.

Purina’s AntlerMax® deer feeds are formulated with the Climate Guard supplement. This product supports weight gain and body conditions by encouraging deer to feed during the heat of the day when deer can biologically benefit the most from it. Ultimately, it provokes deer to consume more feed during the day rather than at dawn and dusk.

We also carry Double Down deer feed, formulated with high-quality ingredients and ZERO grain by-products. It has quality yeast culture to help aid in digestion and a healthy rumen, and one of the highest pelletized TDN (Total Digestive Nutrients) levels on the deer feed market today.

Looking for an all-natural option for your deer? Golden Oak Deer Feed offers a roasted soybean/corn mix for your deer protein supplement needs. You can find out more about this product on their website.

Shop at our Berend Bros. locations in Wichita Falls, Bowie, Megargel, Windthorst, and Olney, Texas for feed, blocks, and supplements.





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