Spring Field Seed

Spring Field FeedBerend Bros. can get you ready for spring field planting. Varieties include hybrid and native grasses, as well as mixtures for farmers, small landowners, and homeowners. We offer sudangrass and BMR- brown midrib products from Berend Bros. and Gayland Ward Seed. 

Apply the seed yourself or let us do it for you with our equipment (fertilizer trailers or a Terragator).

Major spring field cover crops and planting seeds for Spring include:

Iron & Clay Cowpeas CoverCover
Red Ripper CowpeaCover
Sunn HempCover
GuarSpring & Cover
Super Sugar (Sorgo-Sundangrass)Gayland WardSpring & Cover
GW 21-10 (Red Top Variety) Gayland WardSpring & Cover
Hegari Sorghum Spring & Cover
Nutri-King BMR 6Gayland WardSpring & Cover
WGF Wild Game Sorghum Gayland WardCover
Hybrid Pearl MilletGayland WardSpring & Cover
Brown Top MilletCover
German MilletCover
Dove Proso MilletCover
Peredovik SunflowerCover

Berend Bros. will help you create the right mix for your needs.