Fertilizer options and spreader truck at Berend Bros. Berend Bros. offers a range of options when it comes to fertilizer. From large-acre operations to a simple bag of fertilizer, Berend Bros. has you covered. 

We offer custom dry fertilizer blends and application, liquid fertilizer and application, bag fertilizer, and soil testing.

Soil testing is a critical operation to the success of your crops and yard. Soil tests should be conducted every four or five years for lawns and landscapes. Garden soil testing depends on how many crops you plant in a year. If you plant spring and fall crops testing should be done every two years. A spring, fall and winter planting should test yearly. Bring your soil test in, or have us test it for you. Berend Bros. will use your soil test to formulate and advise the best fertilizer blend for your crop or lawn. 

Stop by Berend Bros. locations in Wichita Falls, Bowie, Megargel, Windthorst, and Olney, Texas. We’re here to help!

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Dry Fertilizer

Berend Bros. specializes in custom dry fertilizer blends from our facilities in Windthorst and Olney  We recommend starting with a...

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Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Fertilizer is essential to building and keeping a healthy strand of grass.  Pastures, hay meadows and lawns have a...

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Bag Fertilizer

Berend Bros. offers a variety of bag fertilizer and soil amendments for growing beautiful lawns and gardens. Fertilizer applied to...

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Water Analysis

A water analysis can help you determine the quality of your water. There are many factors that determine water quality....

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