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Berend Bros. offers Purina wildlife feeds and supplies for deer, fish, and game birds (native & pen quail, turkeys).

Shop our stores for deer feeds, deer & hog attractants, wildlife blocks, and minerals. We offer several deer supplement options to attract deer to your property and keep them coming back for years to come. Proper nutrition is important to the overall health of the deer herd during winter and summer months.

Don’t forget your hunting supplies! Shop our selection of deer & fish feeders, hunting knives, camo gear, game cameras, SD cards, and night vision cameras. We stock hunting accessories like deer blinds, deer stands, traps, and feeders. Accessories like replacement timers, motors, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries (6v-12v; regular 6v) are available at all store locations.

Shop brands like All Seasons Feeders, Monarch Hunting Products, and Moultrie Deer Feeders.

Our stores have the wildlife feeds & supplies you need for success hunting or on the deer lease. Come see us.

Deer Feed

Berend Bros. stocks the top of the line deer feed from Purina, Bryant Grain, and Golden Oak Milling. We offer...

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