Goat and Sheep Feed

Two sheep and a lamb grazing. Goat and sheep feeds available at Berend Bros. locations in Wichita Falls, Bowie, Megargel, Windthorst, and Olney, TexasFinding the best goat and sheep feed depends on several factors. It is important to take into consideration breed, age, and if pregnant or lactating. Feeding goats can be as diverse as their purposes. Goats – and for that matter, sheep – have many different purposes: Meat, milk, pets, therapy, commercial production, and valuable homestead livestock.

Berend Bros. offers Purina goat and sheep feed, as well as our own locally manufactured sheep feeds.

Purina Range Checkers provide unbeatable pasture protein supplementation. You’ll find mineral supplements that assist with growth, performance, and reproduction for both sheep and goats. We offer mineral for meat and milk production too.

Our own Berend Bros. manufactured sheep feeds are available in totes or bulk. They provide superior bunk feeding for maximum results.

Visit Berend Bros. locations in Wichita Falls, Bowie, Megargel, Windthorst, and Olney, Texas.