Bagged Mulch 10% off – Cedar, Pine & Cypress

Bagged Mulch savings at Berend Bros. in March 2021. Shop our selection of cedar, pine, and cypress bagged mulch.

Save 10% off Bagged Mulch in March at Berend Bros.

After you do your spring planting, apply a fresh blanket of mulch to make your landscape look polished. Your flowers’ color pops more against a dark background. Even the borders in your garden look sharper. A mulch covering looks great, but it actually does way more than that. It can reduce weeds, conserve water, and add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

  • 10% off Cedar, Pine & Cypress Bagged Mulch

Mulch absorbs water, so it provides an extra moisture barrier on top of your native plants. This is especially important during our hot Texas summers when the hot sun can do a great deal of damage to plants that are not hydrated properly.

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Sale valid March 1 through March 30, 2022. Selection may vary by location.