Coop King Chicken Coops

Coop King Chicken CoopAs any chicken enthusiast knows, chickens need the right kind of housing to thrive. That’s why Berend Bros offers Coop King Chicken Coops for your backyard flock needs. These are quality chicken coops that chickens love. Crafted with top-tier materials like fir and steel, you can rest easy knowing your chickens are safe and secure. Assembly only requires a screwdriver. A raised main house with a wire-fenced outdoor run gives your chickens lots of room to rest and be active while preventing them from escaping. A chicken nesting box is included and can be easily opened to extract eggs. These stylish coops come with everything you need to keep your backyard flock happy and healthy!

Prices start at $259.00

Coop King Chicken Coops are available at Berend Bros. five locations: Windthorst, Wichita Falls, Bowie, Onley, and Megargel.