Decorating with Gourds

Holiday thanksgiving tablesYour local Berend Bros. stores have a wonderful selection of gourds this year – from pumpkins to an assortment of various gourds that are perfect for decorating with Gourds.

Create stunning Thanksgiving tables and fall displays with our premium selection of pumpkins, gourds, squash, and straw bales. Our pumpkin selection varies by location but includes Mix of Crystal Star, Cinderella, Enchantment, assorted Jack-o-Lanterns, and mini pumpkins. Skip the big box stores and shop local for your autumn decor. Pumpkins are available at Berend Bros. locations in Wichita Falls, Bowie, Olney, and Megargel, Texas.

Gourds don’t just make for delicious seasonal dishes—they also can be used to create stunning fall tablescapes. Use these fall table decorating ideas that feature pumpkins, squash, and more types of gourds to cozy up your home. Find out more in this article from Better Homes & Gardens.