Fertilize and Pre-Emerge Your Lawn

Fertilize and Pre-Emerge Your Lawn with the help of Berend Bros. Now is the time to fertilize and pre-emerge your lawn to control those pesky weeds and give your lawn that extra boost so it will look lush and beautiful.

Berend Brothers offers a 15-5-10 granular fertilizer plus Surflan that can get your grass started strong. Apply it at the end of January or early February to create a barrier to prevent most grassy weeds and many broadleaf weeds from getting started. 15-5-10 plus Surflan works great in established Bermudagrass, Fescue, and St. Augustine grasses at a rate of 8,000-10,000 square feet per 50 lb bag. However, it will not control any weeds already growing.

Do you prefer a spray-on preemergent? At Berend Bros., we recommend Weed Impede, a pre-emergence herbicide with Surflan that works great on the lawn, around trees, and ornamentals. Apply at a rate of 3 oz per 1,000 square feet. One application lasts up to 6 months to control grasses and weeds. We stock Weed Impede in the 16-ounce bottles.

Stop by Berend Bros. for all your lawn care needs. We can help with product selection to fertilize and pre-emerge your lawn. And remember, a little work now, will yield a strong, weed-free lawn later this spring. Want to know more about the bagged fertilizer we offer? Please click here.