How to Plant Onion Sets

Onion sets are small immature onions controlled for size and used for planting. They need to be planted at the right time of the year and in well-draining soil. Onion sets should be planted about 2 inches deep, with 4–6 inches between each set. It’s best to plant them in rows that are 12–18 inches apart. Choose a sunny spot, as onions need plenty of sunlight to do well. Make sure the soil is loose and free from weeds, rocks, and other debris before you get started.

Once the sets are in place, cover them with soil and water generously. Keep the soil moist until your onion plants have fully established themselves. Onion sets will start to sprout within two weeks of planting if their environment is ideal. If they don’t sprout after that timeframe, try replanting them in a different spot where they can receive more sun or better drainage conditions. Once your onions begin to grow, make sure to keep them weed-free and watered on a regular basis throughout their growing season for the best results. With proper care and patience, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious harvest of onions in no time!

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