Wild Birds/Pigeons

Nobody likes an empty bird feeder, especially your birds! Berend Bros. offers several bird feed blends for backyard wild birds. These wild bird foods will attract a variety of colorful birds to your backyard. The type of food you choose will affect the type of birds you attract.

Find wild bird seed at Berend Bros.Wild Bird Chow Bird Luvers’ Blend is an all-purpose mix that appeals to a wide variety of wild birds.

Wild Bird Chow Premium Picnic is a superior blend of the most popular seeds birds love. No filler seeds added.

Wild Bird Chow Regional Recipe is a wild bird food mix specially formulated for our region.

Wild Bird Chow Black Oil Sunflower is 100% black oil seeds. It provides protein and energy that wild birds need year-round. This appeals to a wide variety of birds.

Shop our selection of bird feeders too. We carry seed feeders, suet feeders and hummingbird feeders. We also carry nectar for your bird feeders.

You’ll also find a variety of feeds for racing pigeons. The NutriBlend Feeding System represents a revolutionary breakthrough in pigeon nutrition. The NutriBlend System involves two products: Purina NutriBlend Green and NutriBlend Gold.  NutriBlend Green pigeon feed is a high protein (and lower energy) diet. NutriBlend Gold pigeon feed is a high energy (and lower protein) diet. By blending the two products, you regulate the protein and energy levels of your birds’ diet, while maintaining optimum levels of all other nutrients.

Purina Pigeon Checkers is a 100% nutritionally complete feed, in pellet form, for production, growth, and maintenance of pigeons. Formulated especially for pigeons. Maintains Birds – Your pigeons receive all the nutrients they need to keep them in top body and feather condition.

Shop Berend Bros. for all your wild bird and racing pigeon feeds.