Super Sugar Sorghum Sudangrass

Super Sugar Sorghum Sudangrass at Berend Bros in Texas.

Super Sugar Sorghum Sudangrass pasture seed is available at Berend Bros.

Super Sugar is a high yielding conventional forage grass best used for hay, grazing, greenchop, or cover crop.

Thin sweet stems make it highly palatable with stem sugar ranging from 12-16%.
Planting higher populations will result in finer stems, finer stems dry quicker producing higher quality hay. The improved drought-tolerant genetics allow Super Sugar to yield even under dry conditions. Recovery following a drought is excellent, but always test the forage for prussic acid prior to feeding to any animal.

Additional Characteristics:
*Excellent double-crop option low inputs
*Good late-season cover crop *Anthracnose & Downy Mildew resistant
*Water requirement – very low
*Early season vigor – excellent
*First cutting in 50-55 days
*Second cutting in 25-30 days
*Harvest at 40-50 inches or when crop is in the boot stage

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