The Right Diet For Your Puppy

Adopting new puppies is an exciting time for your customers and their families. Many of these consumers are new to raising puppies and have a lot of questions about nutrition and health. One question we often hear is why we need to feed a food designed for puppy growth. Won’t they do fine on an adult product?

The reason we have formulas designed to support the growth phase of puppies is that this life stage has different nutrient requirements compared to an adult. As a puppy grows, they need a higher daily intake of specific amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy development. Since their stomachs are so small, we develop formulas with higher levels of these nutrients per calorie of diet. This concentrated nutrition allows these small stomachs to consume the right amount of these nutrients at every meal.

Diets that are formulated for puppies or formulated as All Life Stages products will meet the nutritional needs of growing puppies. Red Flannel®, Exclusive® Signature and Infinia® offer both puppy specific and All Life Stages products that can be recommended for these puppy owners. Puppy products are designed with specific feeding guidelines throughout the growth phases and can be easier for owners with limited puppy raising experience. Below is a table of our puppy and All Life Stages diets for recommendation convenience.

Source: Tips from Exclusive® Pet Nutrition Michael Hayek, Ph.D.